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    Hey everyone,

    The family is looking for a new puppy and we have to choose between these two. Both females. They are some small poodle mix. About 6 weeks old.

    What do you think. I am personally torn. The little I know about their "personalities" from the breeder is the brown one was more adventurous and a leader type, and the black one was more chill and follow the others type.

    The black one is smaller.

    Thanks for the thoughts in advance.


    The breeder let us take the brown one home for a couple of hours today, and then can take the black one tomorrow home. I have some updated pics of the brown one and will have some pics of the black one tomorrow when I get to take it home for a little. And she wont let us permanently take either of them home for another 2 weeks, that will be I believe 8 weeks old.

    Yes, we have one other dog at home. A 20 pound poodle mix that is 2 years old. They got along splendidly today when they met each other. The personality of the current one is 110% attention, and very needy as in petting, going out, etc. lol. With everyone in the house, there is always someone willing to give it some love.

    Very cute and has a high pitched little whine. Its honestly really cute. It doesnt just walk, it hopped around in the grass. lol. Eats like a beast, and even got along with our current dog. See pic.


    I got the black one today. Attached are some pictures. This one was very very whinny the second we left a room, which was kinda cute. Crawled underneath the bed to explore, and had fun. Even played with the other dog. Even laid on your foot with it just looking at you.

    The family is torn.

    Two is not an option, according to the breeder, since these are the last 2 she has, once I pick one, someone else gets the last choice as she already is spoken for.

    Here are pics of everything above.

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    02-07-2013 01:48 AM
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    Nice dogs etc, but I believe you posted this in the wrong sub-forum.
    02-07-2013 10:36 AM
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    So cute!! Enjoy the new addition to your family

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    02-11-2013 01:44 PM

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