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    Are you ready for Elections 2013..? Do you want to save your country through using right vote for right person..? First time in Pakistan, an election based App launched by Suave Solutions. Pakistan Elections 2013 is an android app and available on Google Play Store. In this app all regions and its participated candidates are available. You can find the results of all candidates in Constituency option. Through this app you can check the Voting percentage of all candidates. A graphical result is also available. This app provides you the opportunity to support your favorite candidate through vote in poll option and check his competition with others.

    Google Play Link:

    Key Features

    • All Elections 2013 related information in your palm
    • Available for Android devices
    • Easy to use and navigate between data
    • A complete region wise map available
    • Constituency list where you can find details of your region
    • National Assembly & Provincial Assemblies constituencies list and details
    • Parties list and related data
    • Get information according to your region
    • All participating candidatesí information is available
    • Candidate results availability
    • You can check percentage and votes of your favorite candidate
    • Graphical representation of results
    • Check latest competition updates between candidates
    • Bookmark your favorite party and candidate
    • You can share information to your friends & family through social networks like facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • App. develop your interest to use your vote
    • Latest news and information regarding Elections 2013
    • Polls of your interest


    04-22-2013 01:18 AM

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