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    Welcome to the thread about Prosh!
    First of all, I will explain what "Prosh" is, its history and this year's controversy! I have a feeling the most of the talk will be about its usual controversy - even though its old news I remembered it again today and thought I will share! Well I remembered it because of another thread "Pet peeves" how people view natives in countires.

    What is Prosh?
    A annual satire newspaper runned by Student Guild at the University of Western Australia, which takes the **** out of everyone and everybody from corporate giants, politicians, the filthy rich and potentially your neighbour - more often than not the paper stands by the motto "Never Apologise, Never Explain!". The proceeds of this paper is then donated to the nominated Charities of the year, this year there were four officially.

    In 1931 the UWA Student Guild decided to replace some defunct Graduation Day events with a procession, stunts and skit show. To commemorate the event the Guild asked some students to edit a satirical newspaper which they threw together at the last minute and called Sruss Sruss. Unfortunately not everyone has an Undergraduate sense of humour and the Sunday Times labelled the paper filth and trash a few weeks later. Those involved were required to donate to a Childrens Hospital and from then on PROSH had a moral justification for all its craziness. While no one is quite sure where the name Sruss Sruss comes from, the name 'Prosh' derives its name from 'procession'. While PROSH is no longer allowed to have a street parade through the Perth city streets, the spirit of PROSH lives on as a walking parade starting in Forest Place and running through William, Hay, Barrack and Murray streets.

    "Never Apologise, Never Explain! Oops, there was some of both this year for the first time in awhile. One of the four charities which was meant to be the recipient of the donations, a share of $150,000ish refused to part take in any donation due to the content of the paper. This Charity was ICEA, a charity to help indigenous children. The satirical newspaper published a 'dreamtime horoscope' that mocked Indigenous Australians with reference to petrol sniffing, excessive drinking, aimless protests and disproportional financial support from the government. The incident received national media attention and an apology was issued by the UWA student guild who committed to change policies and guidelines for Prosh publications.

    Click this link to find the bad horiscopes

    he Indigenous Communities Education & Awareness Foundation is one of the benefactors of PROSH but has said it would discontinue its association and sponsorship arrangement with the UWA Guild for the remainder of the year.

    ICEA founder and CEO Lockie Cooke said ICEA could not accept any funding from any organisation which made disparaging or racist comments about indigenous Australians.

    "In this day and age, it is totally unacceptable and morally corrupt that any organisation or group of people perpetuate mistruths about indigenous people," Mr Cooke said.

    "We are appalled and disgusted at Prosh's editorial content and direction.

    "We appreciate Prosh is a student publication manned by well meaning volunteers but we are disappointed that it has lost its sense of humour by seeking to make fun of those less privileged in society.

    "ICEA will no longer accept any continuing association with the UWA Guild.".

    Mr Cooke said it went against the work that ICEA, a foundation that promotes reconciliation through youth education, does in the community.

    "One of our elders said 'It's not a laughing matter, I just returned from a remote trip running our initiatives and in one community with a population of 100 we had two youth suicides and two attempts'," he said.
    However, in my view the paper as a whole has been toned back a lot in recent years. The main target this year wasn't "Chev-wrong" or any oil company like that or the indigenous as most of this years controversy is about, but North Korea. A often favorite in it is usually probably WA's most hated women and Australia's richest lady and one of the wealthiest in the World. Gina Rhinehart - inherited fathers fortune and land claims for minerals, claimed people should earn the same as africans, eat less (coming from someone who is seriously obese) and said we should have the same non answering back ethic (the same which in african mines were she has business people are shot for).

    Lets be frank, if you were in the same spot a small charity would you reject a significant figure due to a few slurs in the fund raiser? considering its a paper known to have offensive content in it. Is the paper completely wrong and shouldn't be published? are the charities taking this year one too seriously? what is your view.
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