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    Last week, Dr. Joseph Bonneau learned that he had won the NSAs first annual Science of Security (SoS) Competition. The competition, which aims to honor the best scientific papers about national security as a way to strengthen NSA collaboration with researchers in academia, honored Bonneau for his paper on the nature of passwords.

    And how did Bonneau respond to being honored by the NSA? By expressing, in an honest and bittersweet blog post, his revulsion at what the NSA has become:

    On a personal note, Id be remiss not to mention my conflicted feelings about winning the award given what we know about the NSAs widespread collection of private communications and what remains unknown about oversight over the agencys operations. Like many in the community of cryptographers and security engineers, Im sad that we havent better informed the public about the inherent dangers and questionable utility of mass surveillance. And like many American citizens Im ashamed weve let our politicians sneak the country down this path.

    In accepting the award I dont condone the NSAs surveillance. Simply put, I dont think a free society is compatible with an organisation like the NSA in its current form.

    In an interview with Andy Cush at Animal, Bonneau went even farther in his critiques of the NSA:

    Id rather have it abolished than persist in its current form. I think theres a question about whether its possible to reform the NSA into something thats more reasonableBut my feeling based on what Ive read is that I dont want to live in a country with an organization like the NSA is right now.

    Tikkun Daily Blog Blog Archive Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be “Abolished”
    07-27-2013 11:09 AM
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    I will say this...
    If the public knew would the NSA did doesn't that kinda ruin the idea of secret operations to allow protection of citizens. E.g secret service and so on.

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    07-28-2013 08:01 AM
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    Simply put, I dont think a free society is compatible with an organization like the NSA in its current form.
    And there's the problem in a nutshell right there. Mass spying on citizens IS incompatible with a free society. That's the stuff that we complain about China and Russia doing. So when they do it, it is wrong, but when we do it, it's okay? I don't think so. It's hypocritical. And make no mistake, the whole terrorism thing is just an excuse. This is something that the top brass has wanted to do for years. Now they feel they have a public reason to parade in front of people. It's a very dangerous road to be traveling down.
    08-03-2013 07:46 PM

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