12-21-2013 11:27 PM
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    Its interesting to see what will happen to the plants and work shops the government bought them.

    Then again, Toyota is the last manufacturer here and they might reap the rewards even though they saying they could leave as their suppliers might collapse with Holdens demise

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    Go cry in a corner now

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    12-12-2013 06:38 AM
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    It's being delivered by DHL, and they are texting me progress reports. It's about to leave Hong Kong.
    Nikon lens ordered 9 Dec delivered to me in UK by DHL midday today 12 Dec from Digitalrev.com Hong Kong, that is three days! Better than some local deliveries.

    I will examine it when I get home and feedback if it is the genuine article.

    I must add it was free delivery too.
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    12-12-2013 07:02 AM
  3. Fairclough's Avatar
    I laughed how I told for 3 days express post for a mobile from HK to AU's would be $12... Why? The other way is 80.

    Then again apparently our post offices make a loss on international packages.

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    12-12-2013 07:08 AM
  4. dakeb's Avatar
    Nikon Lens is perfect and appears to be the genuine article. At 169 delivered that is a 100 massive saving on UK prices and a 250 saving over Nikon Europe online shop.


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    12-12-2013 03:42 PM
  5. anon8126715's Avatar
    Our enemy, folks, are the unions when they'd gotten to the point of just being power- and wealth accumulators for the greedy leadership (think 70s, 80s, etc.), Corporate America for becoming completely hooked on outsourcing jobs and importing all goods, the U.S. Government for letting those two respective things happen, and the American people for not standing up and ever DOING anything about the Government's non-pro-public actions.
    Huh?!?! In one statement you state that unions are to blame, but then claim the U.S. is outsourcing its manufacturing and then you blame the American people for not standing up (do you mean stand up like in some sort of unionized fashion, where they unitedly stand, in some sort of unionized way?) to the outsourcing.

    The anti-union propaganda was a tool used (effective tool) by the very groups that wanted the U.S. to outsource its manufacturing to lower paying countries. I've seen the good and the bad that unions have to offer. My take on unions is that they are leverage against what we have now which is a top heavy system where CEOs make hundreds to a thousand times more than their employees make. While we're not nearly as bad off as a country like China, China represents what this country's working class would be like if we were never afforded the right to unionize. Unions, just like any other entity, can take advantage of a situation if left unchecked, but I think it's fair to say given how much wealth has eroded from the middle class up to the top, we can do with a little unionizing of the middle class.
    12-18-2013 09:46 AM
  6. Tall Mike 2145's Avatar
    People can always do what they want. The question is are they willing to band together in solidarity to protect themselves while doing whatever it is, and how far are they willing to go to achieve this end?
    12-18-2013 05:09 PM
  7. oz123's Avatar
    I thought they were looking in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States as it saves them 14 million?

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    Yes that's right, they are. However it is only for their ageing 747s (15, 10 by 2015) which have become uneconomical to maintain at Avalon, hence the closure of that facility. However the remainder of their fleet A380s, 787s (100+) will continue to be serviced in Brisbane. It is also likely that the Brisbane facility will get additional maintanance work from China Southern airline, since they have just signed a deal with Qantas, and we have the expertise here to maintain their A380s and 787s. l hope this is the case, as the maintanance workers at Qantas deserve a livelihood in the industry.
    12-21-2013 11:27 PM
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