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    White House in no mood to debate big data and privacy at MIT | BetaBoston

    Basically this was the first of a few "discussions" that part of an investigation(I am not sure how college discussions have anything to do with an investigation) that has been initiated by the White House to address the massive overreact of the NSA's data collection.

    The interesting bit comes from when the students asked questions. Basically the government officials had no interest in entertaining any questions and were very irritated when students concerned with privacy asked them.

    The most telling quote was made by DeLong:
    Everythings being done in secret. But for Edward Snowden, we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

    In other words, as long as it is "secret" no one has any privacy and the government has the right to know everything you do 100% of the time.

    I have not watched most of the video(it's a few hours long), but I did watch a couple of the presentations. Basically these people are just proving up all the benefits of having not privacy. A used example: teen age drivers will drive safer if they know you are watching them constantly. And your insurance company can increase your rates if they think you are driving poorly.

    In other words, these people think privacy pointless only bad people want it...
    03-11-2014 04:37 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    Why are you pointing at the white house when you know Republican support big data and the NSA?
    03-12-2014 01:57 AM
  3. NoYankees44's Avatar
    Why are you pointing at the white house when you know Republican support big data and the NSA?
    The title of the thread is the exact same as the article itself...

    All my pointed commentary is as such because this instance is a purely White House initiative. I am just calling it like it is. You should know by now that I don't play the party game much. Both parties are equally corrupt and equally hate you and I. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to open their eyes.

    The current administration did not create this problem, they are just refusing to do anything about it. Actually quite the opposite. They are defending the problem. The President likes executive orders so much, while not use a couple on this issue. I bet Congress would have stood up to him then. It's all about priorities. Right now the privacy of citizens the the legality of data collection is not even on Washington's radar. No one is fighting for us. No one cares. It will take the inevitable mass abuse of this data before anyone will care.
    03-12-2014 06:34 AM
  4. Tall Mike 2145's Avatar
    Both the Democrats and the Republicans are at fault and are the problem here. Trying to suggest either side is to blame is completely disingenuous.

    The Republican Party's changes, which became particularly noticeable in the 1990s, finally pushed me away in the mid 2000s through making me really stop and think about what was going on, what was logical, and even more fundamentally than that, what was or was not in accord with my own worldview.

    So, thank you Republican Party for helping me to learn and discover I'm actually Libertarian.

    But anyhow, this BS has been going on since at least the 1950s (spying and surveillance) and both the Reps and Dems have had hands in it.

    Now, would you folks please help me (and a lot of other folks out there who truly want the best for this country) and stop saying "the two sides" or "the two parties" or anything of that nature? You're just helping, however unintentionally, to perpetuate the hegemony you claim to hate so much.
    03-18-2014 02:52 PM

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