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    I was a computer programmer for 30 years for computer manufactures. Look around there isn't many old programmers since the young kids work harder, longer hours, have fresher knowledge and work cheaper. Also, that is pure BS claiming Indian programmers aren't as smart. Go to any US Top Computer Science College and you will see a ton of students from India, Asia and around the world. Most likely when you were playing on you Xbox as a kid most of these Asian kids were taking extra math courses in the school even on the weekends. Brains and hard work have no borders and intelligent American computer programmers will always have job eventually getting promoted to management.

    Frankly if you had the brains and the talent then you would start your own App Software company and wouldn't need a Union.

    Programming is a job that is perfect for telecommuting and the programmers don't need to live in the same city, state or country to do that job. Companies I worked for always had computer programming groups and division in other nations. When all the DOD defense programs shut down and 95% of the computer manufacturing went out of business I lost my programming job. So I started selling computer, storage, cloud service with outsourcing and made four times what I ever made programming. If you think a Union is going to save your programming job where you can retire then you need a reality check in a backup plan.

    Not the best way to make your argument. Lets start with comparing the USA vs India in raw size. USA 316 Million compared to India 1,252 million. That is over a 4x size difference. Next lets also factor in you will be getting the best of the best in the entire world. The numbers get messed up you have 4 x the chances to get someone from India over US who have the raw talent. Top it off the USA pool gets debuted by the fact we do not have to stay in school to find a job here in the US. They do if they can not get hired so what do they do, just go for a higher degree to buy more time. Top it off we have more choices on where to go. Have different obligations. Not the best way to try to compare.

    You are right it is a job that can be farmed out and telecommuted. But I can also tell you the code you get back when you farm it out to India is well crap and unmaintainable. It is a night mare to try to debug or improve on since it is so much copy pasta. A bug that where I work we could fix in one spot and get almost all of them at once would be in a 100 spots as it was the same bad code copied over and over again. Also made worse by everything is is done custom so it will have random one offs to account for things. Compared to if it was done right not so much of an issue and could be maintained. Things are poorly named and do not follow modern standards at all.

    But hey it is pretty clear that you are also living in a world here you think Right to Work is it is true name. Call it it the correct name. Right to Fire.
    05-10-2015 03:09 PM
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