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    Scenario for the ladies:
    You're in a bar. You see two couples. In both cases the girl comes back from the restroom and immediately goes ballistic on her man and screams, "omg you ate the last wing?! You selfish jerk!" She flips out, starts crying and throws the plate at him in front of everyone and makes a huge scene.

    Man 1 immediately starts apologizing, offers to buy her more, and then chases after her pleading and apologizing when she storms out.

    Man 2 says "what the [expletive] is wrong with you? I don't need this crap, we're done, cya""

    A month later you see both men again, single and equally attractive to you, at the same bar. Both are trying to get your attention. The question for you is: which would you choose for a long term relationship?
    08-20-2015 04:48 PM

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