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    Simple & elegant!

    Just necessary functions without useless crap!

    Multiple Wallpapers
    means that on every screen you can have separate wallpaper.
    Everything looks very smooth, without jumping, switching and blinking!
    Wasn't it just what you have thought about quite long time?

    v1.03 in attachments (significant improvement in memory usage, should also be more light and fast)
    old files removed

    Having multiple wallpapers is now very easy with Smooth Wallpapers!
    Simple & elegant!

    There are similar apps but
    this one is SIMPLE, POWERFUL, EYE CANDY and do what it is ment to do!
    Transparent transitions makes everything smooth and elegant.
    I like it this way, hope you like it too :-)
    Its size is less than 60kB!

    Done for my own purposes,
    but then enhanced and here we are :-)

    Link to Google Play: Smooth Multiple Wallpapers


    This is early release so every bug report is very welcome!

    Thanks in advance!
    06-03-2012 02:31 PM
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    v1.03 uploaded

    changes in v1.03
    - better settings menu (removing not used images & settings)
    - significant improvement in memory usage ( now it uses half memory in comparsion to v1.02 and 1.01)
    - should be faster
    - still less than 60kB of size !

    Google play will show new version in a few moments, it's in the first post too.

    comments are welcome! :-)
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    06-06-2012 02:54 PM