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    I invite you to try out this application called Book of Changes (a.k.a. I-Ching).
    Description: Book of changes is one of the most philosophical and mystical books, which provides you with advices to the questions your mind is busy with at the moment. Consequently, the user receives his answer instinctively. All you have to do is to throw three coins, six times. Every throw will draw one stripe or semi stripe; after 6 rows are complete you will receive a number, and symbol (histogram) as well as the advice it offers. The advices are of philosophical nature with good wishes and dynamic that motive one to design new plans, create and build your future.

    I was inspired to develop something like that by the fact that there was no real application with actual throw of the coins, additionally, there was no such thing available in Hebrew language. As I started to develop the application I decided to make it "multi-language" - not it supports English, Hebrew and Russian.

    I hope you will enjoy yourself using this tool as it is really something that is worth trying if you believe in such stuff.



    Here is a link for free download:
    - The link -
    Looking forward for any feedback!
    08-03-2013 04:23 PM
  2. TheCatIsBusy's Avatar
    Update: now supports any size of screen.
    09-10-2013 06:41 AM

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