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    Hi guys and girls,

    my name is Mike and I'm from the Netherlands. I have a tiny bit of programming experiance (building html websites in notepad....if this even counts as programming ) and I'd like to build a widget so I can monitor the current value of my cryptocurrency.
    In short: market value, my amount, how much did it cost me in euro's and what is to total value. And I want to ad a update interval.
    I know there are widgets that show the current market value but non makes it possible to manualy insert an amount and calculate how much that's in euro's/dollars.

    I think I can manage most lines of code but I have no idea how to get the current value from a stock market website.
    Is there an good manual on how to create a widget from start to finish? I did google al lot but non started with: "okay...newbie..this is what you need....." and that ends with: "put the files you've created in the dir: /.../... on your Android device and go to your widget screen en use it!"

    I hope your willing to help me out.

    Kind regards,
    The Netherlands
    03-24-2016 04:12 AM

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