1. Hax_r_us's Avatar
    i just want a little '•' or 'O' that is solid color, with the color shifting through the spectrum like so, Looking for a simples status bar icon app, shape that just changes color-change-background-color-javascript.gif.

    it doesn't do anything else. it just sits there in the status bar and changes color.

    i'm in a competition that requires a lot of screenshots being taken, but i need each screenshot to be verifiably, visually unique. i already installed a widget that displays the seconds of the time and another that displays my internet connectivity, but i need one more. a little thing in the status bar that performs this function seems reasonable, yet i just can't seem to find one on the playstore or via google searches.

    does anyone know of such an app?
    09-20-2016 03:19 PM
  2. cpaight's Avatar
    What about an automatic wallpaper switcher or even just a live wallpaper....not the sort of thing you described, but would provide a constantly changing background
    09-20-2016 03:37 PM
  3. Hax_r_us's Avatar
    it's for pokemon go. the only thing not pogo related that's visible is the status bar
    09-20-2016 11:52 PM
  4. cpaight's Avatar
    Ahh...gotcha...I can't imagine there'd be a random color changing thingy, but who knows?? Only other thing I could think of would be something that shows your battery percentage.
    09-21-2016 10:37 AM

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