1. jeffreytz's Avatar
    So it's cold here in Chicago right now, and I've been wearing my UR Powered touchscreen leather gloves during my walks to/from work. They work great with my Nexus 5's touch screen, but today I tried to dismiss a notification on the Toq by pressing the strap sensor with the gloves on and it didn't work. I also couldn't swipe the notification away on the touchscreen. So when I got to work I experimented and found if I touch the screen just right I can occasionally get it to recognize my touch in the glove, but I was never able to get the strap sensors to register a touch.

    The sensors I can kinda understand, I'm not sure what tech Qualcomm is using there, but it seems like if the glove works with my phone's capacitive screen it should also work with the Toq's screen. Maybe its a power thing, meaning the Toq is using the bare minimum it needs?

    Has anyone else tried using capacitive-compatible gloves with a Toq?
    12-11-2013 01:05 PM
  2. WallaceD's Avatar
    My Toq works just fine with my Agloves. They are wool with woven silver fibers.
    12-13-2013 08:44 AM
  3. jeffreytz's Avatar
    So I played around with this more and have found I can get the UR gloves to work with the screen but not with the strap sensors. The leather must just be too thick for that.

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    12-13-2013 11:34 AM

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