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    Just thought I would recommended a case/skin for those razr users still looking. I highly recommend the Cruzerlite TPU cases. Only $9.70 from Amazon. I ended up purchasing 4 of them. The cutouts are all perfectly placed. The volume rockers are covered, but are easily adjustable. The SD and SIM card slot is covered, however I feel that is a good thing seeing as I have not had to open it since I purchased the phone. Adds very little bulk to the phone. Also many designs are available. I went with the "androidified" design. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what they look like.
    My clear/white skin not pictured.

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    01-29-2012 08:41 PM
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    I picked up a generic black case locally until my blue Cruizerlite comes in from Amazon (well, still have to order it :g: and the SD cover on the phone isn't covered but I actually LIKE that because the little lip that's created rests nicely on my third finger, which makes it a little more secure in my hand. It feels very natural.
    02-03-2012 11:32 AM