1. sweaner's Avatar
    Has anyone used this website to help with rooting? I could use some help, and am hoping that this site's software may be of use.
    Root Android

    Alternatively, anyone in the Philly area willing to root/ROM my phone. I will compensate, of course!
    01-27-2013 12:36 PM
  2. mike7728's Avatar
    i used the unockr.com the first time I rooted.


    edit:made it really easy
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    01-27-2013 11:53 PM
  3. sweaner's Avatar
    As a follow-up, I have read some bad reviews for this website. I will avoid it.
    02-01-2013 06:02 PM
  4. Wanda's Avatar
    As a follow-up, I have read some bad reviews for this website. I will avoid it.
    You know you can do it yourself for FREE. And I wouldn't trust that site too much, they have a "screen shot" listed as one of their top ten apps that require root because "Its a sad fact that Android ships with no way to take screenshots." That hasn't been true since Ginger Bread.

    Or you could send me your 29.99 and ill walk you through how do to root it and ROM it (hint: read Mr. Smiths guide in the sticky's section)
    02-01-2013 09:21 PM
  5. sweaner's Avatar
    I know that I could do it myself, but I have had some trouble figuring it out. I suspect if I took the time and was careful, I would be able to do it. But, if I could find someone to do it for a small fee with less time/effort on my part, that would be ideal. I probably will end up trying at some point.
    02-02-2013 01:41 PM
  6. Wanda's Avatar
    It's really to as tough as it sounds. I'm certainly no computer wiz. In my opinion, the toughest part is keeping all the terminology straight lol.

    Now going S-Off...now there's something to sweat over!
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    02-02-2013 06:49 PM
  7. twolastnames's Avatar
    I would agree in doing it yourself. It's a bit like the guy that takes his car to get modded at a mechanic. Ya, he may have a 650hp mustang, but what does he do when he breaks it? You gotta call the mechanic in . Now imagine that with your phone, and you will do something wrong at some point when you flash stuff, but if you learn to do all the stuff from the start, you can fix your own stuff. And to Wanda's point, it's not really that hard. The terminology it a bit crazy, but there is an Android dictionary you can google, and it will help, or just ask.
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    02-02-2013 09:08 PM

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