1. danfunboyd's Avatar
    Can anyone help me please. I am trying to upgrade my phone to the Android 4.1.2 I have done the Unlocking, installed the clockworkmod recovery as instructed, then installed the SupperSU.zip, then download and successfully installed the Android 4.1.2 and the google app for Android. but the phone wont boot it keep getting stocked on the Start Screen HTC white Screen. Any help out of here
    11-02-2013 03:35 AM
  2. pball52998's Avatar
    Okay if you haven't gotten it fixed lol. First s-off or s-on? And if s-on did you flash the boot.img from the cmd or terminal? From your platforms tool you did a cd to? If not cd where your boot.IMG from the ROM is. Then do the command fastboot flash boot boot.img if mac do ./fastboot flash boot boot.img hope this helped if you haven't fixed it

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    01-19-2014 06:09 PM
  3. Adrian Estevez Alcequiez's Avatar
    Thanks you save my live sorry for my bad english but thanks
    01-23-2014 05:59 PM

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