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    Great phone. Highly recommended. As with most new products, there are some glitches. I'm going to list them here so you it's not just your phone.
    Here are problems with the Rogers GS2 that I've found so far:

    [update] ICS seems to have fixed everything!

    FIXED! Setting up alarms with voice actions will produce no sound when the alarm goes off
    There seems to be some random Bluetooth disconnects when connected to my car. Seems the only solution is to restart the phone.

    Dec 7 - FIXED!also noticing A2DP to car is staticky.
    FIXED! Call quality is often poor. Sometimes can be resolved by clearing RAM

    Dec 16 - FIXED! rebooting the phone sometimes results in the wrong clock time and data mode defaults to LTE off.
    Toggling the time sync off and on again fixes the clock time. You need to manually toggle the LTE back on.

    Jan 2 - FIXED! call quality is awful with apps running in background. Particularly GPS. Clearing ram will fix it.
    Feb 23 - FIXED! Bluetooth has been horrendous. Random disconnections from the car is driving me nuts. BT hangs in limbo; neither on or off. Have to reboot phone to fix.
    Wrong clock time (switches to GMT) and deactivates LTE randomly. I thought this was only on a reboot.
    Call quality is often horrible on the other end. Doesn't seem to be connected to any reason anymore.

    Ironically, the phone is great at almost everything except being a phone.
    If the pending ICS update doesn't resolve the issues, I'm going to warranty.

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    12-01-2011 01:06 AM
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    Awesome phone! I switched from the 3G and I can say I'm never going back lol

    Good post about the problems
    01-24-2012 06:11 PM
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    Apparently ice cream sandwich well be out starting may 1st.
    Hope it fixes all the problems..

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    05-01-2012 07:35 PM