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    Hi Everyone,
    ICS was available via Kies on June 20. Running ICS now. I will post some of my observations specifically about how it runs on this phone:

    - Great update. I'm really liking my "new phone" Although most of the changes are relatively subtle, the phone is more refined now.
    - Touchwiz... Still boring. I was previously using Launcher Pro but it no longer works with ICS. I've upgraded to Apex and it's working great. Very customizable and well designed. Everything looks sharper than it used to for some reason.
    - Bluetooth A2DP - previously low quality music streaming with lots of static to my car. Sounds very clear now. Yay.
    - Bluetooth Connection in general - I used to get random disconnects with bluetooth to my car. Hasn't done it today. I'll update if that changes.
    - Call quality - Although call quality has always been good for me, other parties have told me frequently that my voice sounds terrible on their end. No complaints today. I hope this is fixed.
    - Crashes - I've had a couple of lockups while using Chrome Beta.... It is beta after all.
    - Rogers bloatware - There is a One Contact app now that I cannot uninstall. The permissions state that it can keep the phone awake. I hope this doesn't affect battery life.
    - New browser - generally way better than the original browser - the bookmarks aren't grouped anymore however..
    - voice input - it's cool.

    June 21:
    - the phone froze a couple of times while I was in various apps. Took about 30 seconds to recover. I don't know if this is caused by Apex Launcher or the upgrade.
    - noticed that a new option is in "About Phone" section. "Update Software" hmmm.... I wonder if future updates will be pushed to the phone?..
    - phone seems to be getting faster than when I first updated it if that makes sense. Maybe it was setting things up for first use and now it's fine.
    - Apex Launcher absolutely kills Touchwiz. I'm tempted to check Nova Launcher. I hear it's good too.

    June 23:
    - battery life seems unaffected. Getting 10-14 hrs per day with regular usage.
    - since I'm using Apex launcher instead of Touchwiz, I had to remove all the active widgets from the Touchwiz screens. This will hopefully save on battery as the associated services are no longer running.
    - Since I've uninstalled all the incompatible apps, I've had no more freezes. Bluetooth is solid. Wifi tethering is solid.
    - Ice Cream Sandwich is very polished compared to Gingerbread. I'm really liking it. Swipe to dismiss is awesome.
    - I thought ICS was bringing a new zoomable calendar to the phone. I've discovered that the calendar on the SG2 is a Samsung calendar. It's ok. Looks very low-res though. I've found that you can install the ICS calendar from the Playstore. It was ported by a developer named "Tim Hutt".
    - I thought I lost the ability to take screenshots. It's still there and it's still the same Power+Home combo but you have to hold it for about 3 seconds. Use to be instantaneous.

    June 28 - setting up an alarm using Voice Actions (which I do frequently) works properly now. In Gingerbread, the alarm would activate but there was no alarm sound.
    - I love this update. The phone is really a joy to use.

    June 30 - Still love the update but the honeymoon is over. Starting to notice issues. Occassional freezes where you're stuck for 30 seconds or more. Usually happens when switching or starting apps.
    - I have been told that my voice is very distorted on the other end of a phone call. Seems to be worse when the phone is plugged into a charger.

    July 1 - Found that Rogers One Contact is always running as a service. Probably chews battery. I don't use One number. I was unable to disable the app until I uninstalled all the updates. It's no longer running as a service.

    I'll update as I find anything new.
    06-21-2012 12:50 AM