1. recDNA's Avatar
    I heard the new razr hd came out today. Is the bootloader locked? Any reason I shouldn't buy one?
    10-18-2012 06:23 PM
  2. rajeshr68's Avatar
    The Rogers Razr HD LTE has been out for about a week. It was Verizon that released their version yesterday. On the Rogers version, the bootloader is locked, but you can get an unlock code from Motorola on their website. According to Moto, unlocking the bootloader voids their warranty.

    As for reasons not to buy one, I'd be concerned with the Dev support on the LTE (not Verizon's) version of the phone. I'm not sure that any US carrier is picking up the Razr HD LTE, so you may be stuck with Moto's software for a long time. Having said that, the LTE version has been rooted.

    10-19-2012 04:40 PM
  3. Ry's Avatar
    This is the Rogers RAZR HD forum but..

    You can get the Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR HD with an unlocked bootloader by purchasing the Developer Edition direct from Motorola.
    10-19-2012 04:43 PM

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