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    I have a Galaxy S4 and my carrier is Fido.

    So I downloaded GO SMS PRO for the emojis and I used it for a while, but after a while I got tired of it and I barely used emojis so I cleared the SMS defaults. I never did delete GO SMS PRO because I like the option of still being able to see emojis when my friends do send it.

    I went back to the stock messaging as my default, but my notifications stopped working. Everything is set properly; the stock sms is my default, the enable notifications are checked off, blocking mode is turned off. Even the messaging notifications and the preview message for status bar and lock screen are on. But everytime I get a text from someone, nothing shows up. It doesn't ring, it doesn't vibrate, it doesn't show on the notification bar or lock screen, and it even doesn't even show a red number on the icon to indicate that i have a message.

    I've tried restarting it, taking out the battery and sim card. and even turning off the notifications for GO SMS PRO. Nothing seems to work. This is driving me insane.
    11-07-2013 01:58 AM
  2. dancing-bass's Avatar
    I'd say delete Go SMS altogether. It's a heavy, memory intensive program for what it does. Try another SMS program. Personally I prefer Textra, which also has an emoji add-on available for download. Both are free, and I find it's a much more efficient app (not as much of a memory hog. I used a lot of GO's programs when I first started with Android, but sadly it seems their programs are all heavy and tend to use a lot of RAM and processor. I've found other apps to replace the GO apps that I did use.

    Give it a shot. Textra might not have the exact customizations that GO SMS has, but it does have some, and its enough for me. Heck, for free it's worth checking out.

    EDIT: Just a heads up though, posting the same issue in 3 different threads will pretty soon catch the attention of the mods here. Find the correct thread, post once, and wait for help. Not everyone will see your post right away, but if you're patient someone WILL try to help you.

    4 posts, 3 of them are all identical. Not cool.
    11-09-2013 07:36 AM

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