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    I have a question about the rumoured drastic change of the periscope zoom lens of the Note 20 compared to the S20 Ultra.

    The S20 Ultra has a 48 MP periscope lens with 4x optical zoom. The Note 20 is supposed to drastically change this to just a 13 MP periscope lens. I couldn't figure out this rationale and so I have a theory.

    Compare the S20 Ultra with the just to be released Huawei P40 Pro+. The latter is completely different. It has just an 8 MP periscope lens but has 10x optical zoom. More than twice the S20 Ultra. I'm no photography expert, but maybe there is a direct correlation between resolution and zoom. That is, you can have higher resolution in the periscope lens but lower optical zoom overall and vice versa.

    Do you think that maybe Samsung will take a leaf out of Huawei's book and decrease resolution but increase the optical zoom level to match the P40 Pro+? Hence the change from 48 MP to 13 MP, similar to the much lower MP zoom lens but higher optical zoom on the Huawei.
    06-07-2020 03:04 AM

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