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    I have a P2XL that still performs flawlessly and provides a full day of battery life after 2.5 years of use; but recognizing that my future system updates have now expired, and that the time is near when deterioration in the operations of the phone can be expected, I'm ready to move on. Based on the leaked information presently available, I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of acquiring the P5 as a replacement -- in large part because it promises to be a relatively seamless upgrade from the device I've thoroughly enjoyed.

    The 6.0" display is the size to which I'm accustomed, and has proven to be a perfect fit for me. (As a bonus, I may be able to continue using the SENA leather pocket cases that have so effectively -- and fashionably -- protected my 2XL.) As someone who values reliability and simplicity of function over innovative features and specs that don't really enhance my own (ordinary) user experience, I'm not at all disappointed to hear that the P5 will not include some of the novelties ("gizmos" to us geezers) that were promoted in the P4 series, like motion sense and face unlock. On the other hand, I'm encouraged by the substitution of a wide-angle lens for the telephoto, and by the increase in RAM. I'd be even more excited if Google were to offer an increased storage option of 256GB; but I'm planning to purchase the 1 TB Google Photos storage anyway by the end of this year.

    Finally, the reduced price is just an unexpected benefit, considering that the reported changes being made in the P5 seem perfectly suited for my preferences. Count me as a happy Google customer if the reports turn out to be accurate and the P5 turns out to be as good as the P2XL.
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    09-16-2020 07:22 PM
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    6.2 inches would be even better. But 6.0 is better than 5.8 IMO
    Six inches just seems to feel better in the hand. I guess we'll have to wait and see to test that theory, though!
    09-16-2020 09:41 PM
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    I'm hoping the P5 isn't any larger than the P4 in physical dimension. The P4 is perfect size for me. I actually pre-ordered the P4a for my girlfriend but then cancelled it when I heard the P5 announcement will be Sept. 30th. I originally had a ship date of Sept 15th for the 4a but now they show November delivery if I decide to get the 4a afterall. Kinda regret cancelling my pre-order but I wanted to see what else is coming down the pipe. My girlfriend is using an iPhone 11 and hates it. Her favourite phone of all time was the Nexus 5 so she wants to come back to Google.
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    Today 06:08 PM
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