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    I have been checking this Phone out, since I am hearing it might hit AT&T. The GALAXY Note has a similar screen to the GALAXY Nexus an HD Super SAMOLED display and slightly bigger @ 5.3", a 1.4GHz exynos processor, and possibly HSPA+ and 4G LTE and a 2500mAh battery. Of course it will have Touch Wiz and a touch-optimized interface dubbed "S Pen". "The S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note". With the S Pen, comes an all new set of apps and tech. And I would think ICS will be here shortly for the Note, after reading link below. This will be a beast of a device, a GALAXY mini Tab 5.3.

    Check out this link regarding ICS and Stylus support.
    10-23-2011 07:39 PM
  2. scaots's Avatar
    I may be more excited for the Galaxy Note than the Nexus. I like it because of the high resolution, large screen, and apparently precise stylus. A stylus on a large tablet would be great also but this one will fit in a pocket so you actually have it handy to take notes. Looks like Samsung did a good job on the note software too. The battery size and SAMOLED are also pluses. If the price comes down some, I might get the international version unlocked to avoid AT&T bloatware and additional delay on the updates. Would love to do that and get a Nexus on contract.
    10-23-2011 07:58 PM
  3. sndplace's Avatar
    I wanted this when i first saw it . Its sad for me that its goinh to ATT but hopefully Sprint picks it up too. I would love it for me but it would go to Wifey. she loves the Stylus on in for drawing.
    10-23-2011 09:57 PM
  4. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    If this phone hits Sprint, I would think it won't be for a long while. Maybe when they get their LTE network up and running, that's if they are running on the same frequency. By then their will be other Monster Phones slash Mini Tabs slash Communication Devices and you will be wanting them.
    10-24-2011 11:54 AM
  5. Maseroche's Avatar
    I played around with it when it was introduced in Gitex Dubai. I was very impressed by the sheer size and screen clarity. It looked like a XXL version of the Galaxy S2. Here's a pic of it and maybe I should've put my iphone next to it just to see the size difference.
    10-24-2011 02:05 PM
  6. Raptor's Avatar
    Yep, ever since I saw the first news on this back in early September I've been waiting to see it arrive here in the USA. I'd like to get my hands on it first, but I do think this is the smart phone I've been waiting for. Of course it would be nice if this had a plus screen but I can live with a non plus screen of 1280x800.

    If I look out a couple more years I'm confident we'll see phones with 1920x1200 resolution, not because that kind of DPI is needed but because it's a perfect match for full 1080P HD with a little more squarish aspect ratio, the same ratio as the Note in fact.

    For me the killer feature beyond the display may well be the S-pen. The major problem with current smart phones is that the finger only selection method just isn't good enough to be practical for fine selection as you might need in an image editor or, say, AutoCAD. I think the pen may be the device that is portable enough to be with you all the time yet useful enough to greatly surpass the capabilities of your finger alone. Time will tell...

    I see that the UK should be getting the Note as early as 11/1 so I expect (hope) we see it here in the states not long after that. There were some references to a 10/24 date for the USA but that now appears to have been a mistake or hoax. My guess is early December...

    10-24-2011 06:51 PM
  7. whoster69's Avatar
    Any chance this will come to Verizon? Anyone heard anything? I'm trying to decide between this and the Galaxy Nexus. I like the size of this better.
    10-26-2011 06:00 PM
  8. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    Unless Samsung makes a variant then, I would say no, the Note mini Tab 5.3 does have LTE so their is a possibility, but their would not be any CDMA to fall back on, not possibility. Since we have only seen the version with the big button at bottom, for over seas, I'm thinking that their is some redesigning going on. So only time will tell if Verizon ends up with this. By then the SG3 might be out.
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    10-26-2011 06:17 PM
  9. saraera's Avatar
    Gosh, I hope it comes to verizon.. Not sure if I would get it but it'd be nice to have the option to, since I can't change my carrier..
    11-14-2011 11:45 PM
  10. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    I have not heard much about this phone as of late, I guess, too many people worried about the delay of the new Ice Cream Nexus. Maybe AT&T will surprise us, like I was pleasantly surprised when they announced the Skyrocket. I am seriously considering the Skyrocket and Tab 8.9 LTE combo for $479, that was announced yesterday, and on sale starting Nov 20th. This isn't a bad deal, but I could have both in one device. Saving money on the initial investment, and not have to pay for an extra monthly data plan, does sound a little sweeter.
    11-15-2011 12:00 PM
  11. flailer's Avatar
    There are some interesting reviews for the Galaxy Note... including use of the stylus, on amazon.
    Seems you can buy one unlocked, for a bag full of gold coins, and have it shipped in (from the UK, if rememory serves)

    p.s. this is prolly the right device for me.
    That or maybe a galaxy 7" tab, with phone features... but then would lack stylus
    12-12-2011 04:56 PM

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