1. rizzman's Avatar
    So did HTC not get the memo about people wanting batteries for their devices that get them through a full day easily. I was drooling over the specs of this phone, even contemplating buying outright until I saw the battery size. 1600. Come on HTC. We all know that will not cut it for a device with that performance capability. Am I the only one that wishes for a battery that can get me through a whole day EASILY under heavy usage? Please tell me I am not in the minority. I really don't get it.
    02-28-2012 10:10 PM
  2. BoostHungry's Avatar
    The HTC One S is a mid range phone. The HTC One X is the flagship with an 1800 mAh battery.

    Both the One S and the One X have high efficiency chipsets, whether it's the new Qualcomm S4 with it's 28nm low power design, or the Tegra 3 with it's 5th 'companion' core for low power situations, battery life will be extended compared to phones with older chips and the same battery specs.

    Also I gotta point out that there are dedicated forums for the HTC One series. It's no longer a 'rumored device', in fact I'm not sure it went through much of a rumor phase.
    02-28-2012 10:20 PM