1. bobbiac's Avatar
    So here's a zen question for you..

    Has any1 heard of a feature phone, powered by the android kernel (or otherwise) that is not technically a smartphone?

    Why? Think about it. High end android users either have an insane phone, a good tablet, or both. Generally the phone is used as a hotspot, and has crap battery life.

    So let's specialize. Make the phone a phone again. Limit the UI and processing power. Make it all about basic communication. But let's also learn from Blackberry and not limit this type of device. Its' teh (dreaded) netbook of android phones, with a twist... Tethering is a primary feature, second only to long battery life and good call experience.

    I have to admit, the vpn thing on Playbook has its merits. There is room for improvement, but it works. Would love to see a wifi hospot that makes calls and is sold with a mate device to complete the experience. Would not be sold separately, not at first. Has to be this way, the way I see it. Texting on a tablet.. native, etc.

    tl;dr: [moto starTac + mifi] sold with kick *** Xoom = take my money!
    04-08-2012 11:58 PM
  2. anjali_jain's Avatar
    With its Super LCD 2 screen technology, HTC is intentionally taking a different tack from Samsung's Super AMOLED. By paying close attention to the "higher ranges," LCD 2 does a better job of displaying pastels and other light colors. IMO Apple, iOS5 and the 4S are extremely disappointing.
    04-09-2012 04:25 AM
  3. bobbiac's Avatar
    04-10-2012 04:24 PM
  4. spartanguy81's Avatar
    I don't think Verizon wants to combine phone/tethering, that would be a means of reducing income.

    Otherwise, a feature phone doesn't really need the power of LTE. Now we are at a point where even powerful phones can be had for fairly cheap. Rezound for 49 dollars.
    04-10-2012 05:50 PM
  5. Ry's Avatar
    I don't see the advantage of using Android as a base for a regular (non-smart/feature/dumb) phone, unless you're a new cell phone manufacturer and can convince carriers to not require a data package.
    04-15-2012 08:26 PM