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    Virgin Mobile USA Introduces 4G with No-Contract Plans Starting as Low as $35 per Month | virginmobileusa.newshq.businesswire.com

    It's a new world for some and the same old world that will cost $10 more per month but you can get a cool looking 4G phone that's on 3G.... Enjoy
    05-10-2012 05:39 PM
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    Sweet I have 4G wimax in my area!! It's weak but I have it .. I found it here>> http://www.clearwire.com/ and enter a zip code.. Enjoy
    05-11-2012 12:40 AM
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    Went to visit my local Sprint store I remembered going to a year and change ago before I purchased the OV I now possess to see if Wimax was any better now in my area.. We had 2 stores very close to each other.. They are both gone now and that answers my question on weather Wimax is worth the powder to blow it's self up around here Sad.. They may have moved and consolidated but that's a task
    left till tomorrow..

    With Sprint I checked the phone out and returned it a few days later for a full refund.. The antenna on the Nexus S was crap around here is what I was told to believe.. With the signal boost in the store the Nexus S screamed.. 100 yrds from the mall it was a paperweight.. Can you say deceptive?? My OV ran circles around it on reception but programing could have been to blame as I had the same problem on the 1st OV I tried before I got the Nexus..

    With Virgin and Boost mobile you lose the minutes you buy if you hate your new 4G phone!! They are non-refundable!!

    A $35-$55 rip off is about to happen to a lot of uninformed new rural area VM and BM 4G owners that are sold or buy quick on the "4G" part and are unhappy with the performance they will not get on 4G as they are out and about and return their handsets for a refund imo.. Oh and don't forget the extra tethering charge of $15 vm and $10 bm.. Jez!!

    Hope there is no signal boosting in store to demo.. Yeah good luck with that
    Just hope the VM Evo V 4G and BM Design 4G have good Wimax radios and antennas that work here in hilly rural N.E. Ohio..
    Other wise they are just 4G play phones imo..
    05-13-2012 01:45 AM