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    Hi everyone again, hope everyone is fine. I have a question. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 with MetroPCS. I am generally happly with the deivice, but it is kinda slow. I definitely want to get the Galaxy Note 2, but which company should I get or which has faster download time. I watch a lot of movies and you tube videos. Is T-Mobile faster than MetroPCS? I know AT&T and Verizon will defintely be faster, but I don't want that data cap. Are they any T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 users out there? Can anybody tell me if they have the phone and what carrier? I don't know should I wait for Galaxy Note 3 to come out? I know T-Mobile is going to have LTE, but nobody knows when. I like that $80 unlimited unthrottled plan that T-Mobile has. Is it good. I hope I am not asking too many questions..LOL! All the best to everybody. I appreciate anybody's output...
    02-06-2013 09:34 PM
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    It is all goibg to depend on your location as well as possible issues with the device, etc.

    Someone that lives in california may get verizon or at&t better than sprint or tmobile. The same is true for someone from georgia or new york.

    Everyone will have a different view on how well a service performs. Tmobile's 42mb hspa+ is supposed to be fast when in a good signal area. At&t has areas where their LTE service is unbelievably fast, as well as verizon LTE as well.

    Your best bet is to ask people in your general geographic area what service they use and how well they like the service. Most people will tell anyone if they don't like their phone service. Just watch out for the ones that are in love with their carriers because they will tend to turn a blind eye to some possible problems that may affect your choice.

    Also ask them about what devices they use as well as if they use data or not. If they don't have a smartphone and at least a minimal data plan, the point of asking them is moot as they don't utilize the network to its full potential. Blackberry devices are also moot as they run on a RIM server setup and not the service network.

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    02-06-2013 10:51 PM

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