1. Frank999's Avatar
    Google may launch 2 Nexus phones from LG and Huawei this year

    From the article: "While Motorola did a great job with the Nexus 6 — essentially enlarging the Moto X with a 6-inch screen — some, like myself, found the phone simply too large. The $649 starting price tag was also very un-Nexus like. Previously, the Nexus 5 started at more reasonable $399 for an unlocked device." I underscored the part that pretty much sums up what convinced me to forgo the Nexus 6 and hold onto my Nexus 4.
    I believe that one review I found on youtube when the N6 was introduced pretty much summed up my feelings. What made the previous nexus models unique was that even though you weren't getting a top of the line flagship model such as the Samsung Galaxy line you were still getting a decent phone at a great value. Now at a starting price of $649 what incentive is there to buy a N6 over other flagship phones such as the Galaxy 6 or iPhone 6, etc.
    05-26-2015 05:49 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    If this is true, it's something I was hoping they would do.
    05-26-2015 06:12 PM
  3. Aquila's Avatar
    Strongly disagree. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 prices were very un-Nexus like. Every other Nexus device sold at market value. The incentive is to be on stock android, and as such to have a much better software experience complete with timely updates to new features, etc. What made them unique was that you WERE getting a top of the line flagship model, better than the Galaxy of each corresponding year (for example) - without any of the carrier nonsense (in most cases). This allowed for freedom to explore carriers and it taught people that there is a better way to exist outside of carrier contracts, etc. On the day that each Nexus was released, it was very easily arguable that the best device to date in that category had just been released. IE. The Galaxy Nexus was better than the S2 in a lot of ways, the Nexus 4 was missing LTE but otherwise was better than 2012 offerings, etc, etc. The Nexus 7 was released and destroyed every other tablet out there and wasn't even challenged until the next Nexus 7 and the iPad mini.

    This last year was the first year that the argument didn't hold as much water, because the Nexus 6 is better than it's only competition, the Note 4 in a lot of subjective ways (design, feel, software) and not as good as it in a lot of objective ways (camera, screen, battery). The HTC Nexus 9 is inferior in most ways to the NVIDIA Shield Tablet. The argument can still be made that the Nexus 6 is better than the Note 4, but it's a stretch to convince many people of that. Here's the sale's pitch for the Nexus 6: For $50-250 less per storage option compared to its competition, you get the best software experience available on any handset in the entire business on a hardware offering second only to Samsung's top of the line. If you value UX over specs, Nexus is the top of the pyramid. If you value specs, Note 4 King is with the N6 and S6 shortly behind it.
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    05-26-2015 06:20 PM
  4. jontalk's Avatar
    I'm hoping and praying for the return of a next gen Nexus 5 with 5" 1080 screen you can see in the sun, strong battery, easy one handed, good camera, FAST processor, 3 gigs RAM, microSD, would be VERY cool if that ATAP chip was on board and priced at or below the original. The N6 is too damn big and far too much money. The size of the current Moto X is far more to my liking though still too much money for what it is. My two pence.
    05-30-2015 07:41 PM
  5. grunt0300's Avatar
    I have the Nexus 5, and the LG G3. The 5.5" size is more to my liking. If they make a new Nexus with the 5.5, and a good battery, i'm getting it.
    05-31-2015 09:31 AM
  6. omarabdellatif's Avatar
    I'd like to see a Nexus phone with a good camera for once, haha.
    05-31-2015 09:45 AM
  7. mookiekillsit's Avatar
    I'd like to see a Nexus phone with a good camera for once, haha.
    This is honestly all I'm waiting for. If either of these two (supposed) phones have a good camera, I will sell my Note 4 immediately. The N6's camera is bad which is the only reason I didn't get it. This Note 4 camera is nothing short of spectacular though. I can't imagine any N phone being on par w/ it but if it's close, I'm fine w/ that.
    06-01-2015 08:56 AM
  8. ChuckG73's Avatar
    I'd like to see a Nexus phone with a good camera for once, haha.
    How great would it be if Sony made the "Nexus Compact". A phone that would include:

    20.7 MP camera
    2 day battery
    IP 68
    small footprint
    Qi charging

    I gave my wife my Nexus 6 I brought a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and am very happy with the Sony.....man if it had Qi charging and the latest OS it would destroy the iPhone in my opinion.
    06-06-2015 06:18 AM
  9. Aquila's Avatar
    With Photos giving free 16MP storage, in assuming that we see <=16 MP.

    M Dev Nexus 6 Assassin Edition. Android Central Moderator.
    06-06-2015 11:50 AM
  10. mookiekillsit's Avatar
    With Photos giving free 16MP storage, in assuming that we see <=16 MP.

    M Dev Nexus 6 Assassin Edition. Android Central Moderator.
    MP only take a camera so far and mainly just for zooming in. The software needs to be revamped (and that is an understatement). Fingers crossed LG gets it right this year. I'll pay the premium price too if it comes down to it.
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    06-16-2015 02:43 PM
  11. dmclone's Avatar
    Just give me the biggest and baddest battery made and I'll be happy.
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    06-23-2015 08:11 AM

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