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    The G-Slate is a very nice device, but I am considering it only if it supports MicroSD.

    I state that before speaking directly with LG (here is what I have discovered)

    I have not found on any site, post, or blog if the G-Slate supports MicroSD. Everywhere I have read it only states 32GB Internal Memory. If this is true then the G-Slate will not be a good seller or compete with previous models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1 or even the Galaxy Vibrant models (Gen I, Gen II)

    Albeit it has the new Honeycomb OS, but it is lacking in the MicroSD support; however, I spoke with LG and I was told that the G-Slate is based upon the Optimus Tab.

    The specs for the Optimus Tab can be found at:

    LG Optimus Pad - Full phone specifications

    My question based upon this information is: Will the G-Slate offer MicroSD support?

    If anyone has the answer I would greatly appreciate it.

    That is all I have but hopefully this will help anyone decide on this device.

    Frustrated in the SouthWest
    04-07-2011 06:40 PM

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