05-15-2011 06:23 PM
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  1. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    We just received a tip that says LG Korea is sending over 5300 units of "consumer electronics" to Google, to be delivered by April 27.

    No idea what it might be, or even if it's valid, but throwing it out there for everyone to digest and hopefully someone has some more info they feel like sharing.

    I'm not sure of Google's production time-line, so this may be something they are working on for next year, or next week. Let the wild speculation begin!
    04-08-2011 03:04 PM
  2. PJnc284's Avatar
    LG Nexus? O_o
    04-08-2011 03:39 PM
  3. cpk86's Avatar
    LG Nexus tablet....bet!
    04-08-2011 04:07 PM
  4. zanderman112's Avatar
    LG Nexus? O_o
    My guess is this too.
    04-08-2011 04:07 PM
  5. murdermitten's Avatar
    04-08-2011 04:08 PM
  6. pageld's Avatar
    Google IO is May 10th...

    I'm not sayin', but I'm sayin'...
    04-08-2011 04:09 PM
  7. ls377's Avatar
    Nexus refrigerator. 'nuff said.
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    04-08-2011 04:10 PM
  8. Zapote21's Avatar
    Nexus tablet for Google I/O
    04-08-2011 04:13 PM
  9. sciwizam's Avatar
    Giveaways for the Google IO.
    04-08-2011 04:14 PM
  10. Stang68's Avatar
    If it's a great Nexus Tablet, I may take Costco up on that 90-day return policy.
    04-08-2011 05:28 PM
  11. cbeal032's Avatar
    Ice cream phone
    04-08-2011 06:41 PM
  12. peacekeeper05's Avatar
    nexus phone or tablet...
    04-08-2011 06:53 PM
  13. og_president's Avatar
    Data cables

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    04-08-2011 06:55 PM
  14. Hoverbot's Avatar
    Data cables

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    To be given out at google io no less...

    I would love it if Lg was tasked with a new Nexus. There's a lot of us Optimus users who would probably be getting one if they did. I know I would.
    04-08-2011 07:24 PM
  15. Jalarm's Avatar
    Something to give out at Google IO.
    04-08-2011 08:10 PM
  16. spridell's Avatar
    Definetly Something to give out at IO.

    Now someone spill the beans and tell us what
    04-08-2011 08:16 PM
  17. ottscay's Avatar
    It's the new Nexus tablet, as a giveaway at IO.
    04-08-2011 08:24 PM
  18. going_home's Avatar
    Very interesting.
    I want a G2X while I'm waiting on the Nexus 3.

    04-08-2011 09:23 PM
  19. Mofus's Avatar
    I want a G2X Nexus 3.
    04-08-2011 09:55 PM
  20. JSAUCE75's Avatar
    If they're launching a new nexus phone, they better leak it quick because I'm primed and ready to buy the g2x on launch day. I would not be happy if they announced a new nexus phone after my 14 return window closes.
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    04-09-2011 04:06 AM
  21. tirith's Avatar
    Nexus refrigerator. 'nuff said.

    That just made me laugh so hard, I think I may have ruined my keyboard from the excess of monster passing through my nose...

    I've been in the market for a new fridge... if i got an android fridge, i'd be happy.

    Lg. Nexus. Can I get rid of my Optimus now?
    04-09-2011 08:15 AM
  22. rosser's Avatar
    maybe theyre gonna announce the nexus tablet from lg at google io and everyone at Google IO is gonna get one? Just a guess.
    04-09-2011 09:25 AM
  23. GeoKaplan's Avatar

    With the rumored availability of Ice Cream Sandwich around June/July--the sort of important upgrade to the phone software that Froyo was for the N1 and Gingerbread wasn't for the NS--it could be LG 2 phones ready to be loaded for dogfooding in Mountainview.

    A late April delivery allows for 6-8 weeks of in-house testing and updating before a final release of ICS. Supposedly, ICS will be optimized for dual-core processors, so the NS isn't of much value, it will take a more advanced piece of hardware to fully test the builds. The last deal with Samsung indicates Google isn't giving the Nexus business solely to HTC, and involving a 3rd major manufacturer would be good business sense. The phone having the 3G bands for both T-mobile and AT&T would make even more sense. I think every high-end-loving T-mo customer would buy one of these if they were future-proofed.

    I think this will signal the dawn of Nexus 3. Or Nexus LG. Or whatever it will be called.
    04-09-2011 10:03 AM
  24. lafester's Avatar

    samsung, not lg but still. lol.
    04-09-2011 10:50 AM
  25. moosc's Avatar
    what ever it is jerry and Phil will get one.
    04-09-2011 11:04 AM
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