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    I'd like to ask you what improvements you would like to see in a
    next generation phone, especially on the hardware side.

    You can either directly answer these questions in your reply:

    1. I would like my phone to become...
    (Select three)

    1. I want my phone to become thinner
    2. I want my phone to become lighter
    3. I want my phone's display quality to be enhanced
    4. I want my phone to become more durable(unbreakable)
    5. I want my phone to have a more unique design/formfactor
    6. I want my phone to have an extended battery life
    7. I want my phone to have an extended memory
    8. I want my phone to operate on a faster speed
    9. I want my phone to have an enhanced camera feature
    10. Others

    2. There are two glass sheets inside a display component attatched to your phone. Which of the following do you think will be the biggest benefit for you when those sheets are replaced by a single plastic sheet? (Select one)
    1. Thinner feature (the current 9.3mm will become 8.45mm)
    2. Lighter weigtht (the current 137g will become 122g)
    3. Durability (Unbreakable feature)
    4. Innovative design (ex. Curved design)
    5. There are no advantages
    6. There are other advantages not in the list

    click on this link and pick the answers!
    Smartphone End User Survey

    If you want the results shown in a chart, then you should go into
    the above link, answer the questions, and the results will show
    04-11-2011 11:43 PM