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    This was submitted by LG back in 2016. The design shows a camera and speaker combination in the top center (from my speculation), and two second screens split in-between, giving it a more symmetrical look. The rest of the body shows a similar bezelless design like the G6 and S8. What's your thoughts on this design? Do you think LG will go with this design? I personally think it's cool. Just hope LG KEEPS all current features from the V20 and doesn't remove any of it (the removable battery especially). I'm more for practicality, flexibility, and functionality, but looks do matter a bit however shouldn't matter more than the features. We need something useful and different than current offerings (again, removable battery, dual cameras, 2nd screen, quad DAC, etc) otherwise it'll just be another phablet smartphone with no features but looks pretty (ahem, HTC U11).

    See the V30 patented design concept!-lg-v30-patent-hero-1000x568.jpgSee the V30 patented design concept!-lg-v30-patent-1.jpgSee the V30 patented design concept!-lg-v30-patent-.jpg
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    05-26-2017 07:06 PM
  2. flyingkytez's Avatar

    Looks pretty awesome actually! Fingers crossed for removable battery!
    05-26-2017 07:08 PM
  3. Mr Mendelli's Avatar
    These are beeeut-i-ful. If the second screen is split with a centered camera, I would love that. Thanks for the share!
    05-26-2017 08:48 PM

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