1. fpsdoug46's Avatar
    Will this phone be getting the android 4.0 update ice cream sandwich? What are the chances that it will? Also, since this phone currently runs samsung's TouchWiz 4.0, how will the update effect its looks? I'm thinking about buying this phone but want to be sure that it will eventually get the update.
    Thanks in advance
    11-22-2011 10:11 AM
  2. benwaffle's Avatar
    I have this phone and I don't see why not. It is definetely capable of running it (in terms of processor power, etc.)
    also it only runs android 2.3 while the phone is pretty new.
    01-10-2012 05:15 PM
  3. btswein's Avatar
    It's not a matter of if, it's just when. Assume this time next year you'll have it.
    01-16-2012 02:59 PM
  4. Redhat18's Avatar
    Any update on when the Captivate Glide might get ICS
    04-09-2012 11:28 AM