1. Bonita_Mamii's Avatar
    So I Just Got This Phone Not Even A Month Ago ;;
    Everything Was Great , All Of A Sudden I Was On The Phone Earlier &+ My Phone Froze , My Screen Went Black And All HOWEVER The Call Never Dropped &+ I Was Still Able To Talk On The Phone . I Ended Up Shutting My Phone Off &+ Restarting It .. Everything Was Fine . I Fell Asleep And When I Woke Up All Of A Sudden My SD Card Wasn't Being Read . It Says No SD Card / Emergency Calls Only .. I Dont Know Why ??
    Also I Tried Taking The Back Off &+ Taking Out The Battery , SD Card And My SiM Like A Few Times , But It Didn't Make A Difference ..

    Help ???!!
    05-23-2012 12:16 PM