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    Okay, so I recently bought this phone off of my friend. He said it was in great working condition, and I don't doubt it. However, I just bought a 32GB MicroSD card for it, to hold all of my music, pics, etc. I mounted the SD card, formatted it just in case, and put all of my music on it no problem. However, when I tried to open my camera, gallery, upload pictures, it said I didn't have enough storage and that I needed to delete some items. I thought that was strange considering I had a brand new SD card. So I went to the Storage tab in Settings and saw that my 9.58GB of music had not only been put onto the SD card, but had been put into the phone's USB Storage under "Miscellaneous Files." The USB storage doesn't even HAVE that much free space to begin with. So my phone pretty much became a piece of toast; couldn't take pictures, download new apps, update previous apps, nothing. I've tried reformatting the SD card, putting it in every possible fill that I can to see if the location would be different, but nothing. It's still taking up all of the space on the USB storage no matter what I do. I've also tried to put the music on the SD card through an external reader, where the card wouldn't be connected to the phone, but as soon as I remounted it, all the music files went to the USB storage again.
    Oh, and I tried deleting it off of the US storage, but for some reason, it keeps coming back. Weird.

    I just want to put my music on my phone. Please, please help!!
    02-19-2014 12:33 AM

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