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    (Samsung glide with Android: 4.0.4)

    I use a "pattern" screen lock and last week it became (almost) impossible for me to unlock my device. After the first 1 or 2 points, the display would show the lines in read and say "Sorry, try again". I couldn't do more than the first 2 points without this message. I eventually found out that I can enter the screen unlock pattern while the device is booting, before it connects to wifi or the cell network.

    That behavior has gone away, but now the device turns off the unlock pattern after some period of time and, get this, it only happens when the device has been connected to wi-fi or cell network for a while (30 minutes or so???). In "airplane mode" the screen lock pattern setting doesn't change.

    I suspect some kind of malware but it could also be a stoopid android feature. I've googled for the behavior and have not found anything.
    11-23-2015 01:46 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Hi, welcome to the forums! Can you boot your phone in safe mode? This process will disable temporarily any third party app that you downloaded and let you know if there's a problem with your system or just a conflict with a rogue app. You could also check in your security settings which apps are listed under Device Administrators.
    11-23-2015 02:10 PM
  3. mnemotronic's Avatar
    Yes. Can boot to safe mode. Screen lock is not reset in safe mode or in "Airplane" mode.

    Administrator apps are "Samsung Kies", "Android Device Manager" and "Webroot SecureAnywhere". Nothing out of the ordinary that I can see.
    11-24-2015 12:16 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Thanks for registering and welcome as a new member! It could be the webroot antivirus. I checked that app in the Play Store and there are some reviews reporting the same problem. I would disable, or even uninstall, it for now and see if the problem persists.

    Attached Thumbnails Why does my Android turn off Screen lock unless on airplane mode?-1448356969647.jpg  
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    11-24-2015 03:22 AM
  5. mnemotronic's Avatar
    I've opened a ticket with webroot support. I'll report back.
    11-29-2015 12:19 PM

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