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    I am trying to consolidate.

    I have dumped my ipods, my touch-screen Windows 8 notebook, and myGoogle Nexus 7. Currenly I only have a Nexus 4.

    My entire life is in google's hands. They have all of my music in Google Play, all of my photos synced into G+, and all of my documents are sitting in my Google Drive. My contacts and email.... in Gmail... and so on.

    They go under = I die.

    I am trying to figure out what I need out of my next device. The Nexus 4 is plenty for all of my NEEDS, but I need a keyboard(ed) larger screen. I am unsure of whether or not to go with a transformer tablet (an Android tablet with a keyboard dock), or if I should grab a Chromebook.

    How well does Chrome integrate with Google Play, Drive, G+..ect?

    Ideally I'd like to complete my "family" with a Keyboard device for productivity, my ultra-mobile phone, and possibly a 10" tablet for leisure.
    02-06-2013 09:20 AM
  2. nrm5110's Avatar
    Drive, g+ and other services are fine on chromebooks. Remember though its an internet centric device with little functionality without access.

    The tf series I haven't heard mention of in a long while lol do they have newer devices out? If so they didn't get any real attention lol. I know some loved them some said meh I would check them both out see how you like the feel.

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    02-06-2013 10:19 AM
  3. underdonk's Avatar
    I have one of the new Samsung Chromebooks I received as a gift during the holidays. I am doing an experiment where I am using it as my primary system for a period of time. Much like you, with the exception of digital entertainment content (Amazon), my data is tied to Google's services. Here is what I have found:

    1) Integration with Google's services is seemless, as would be expected. If you are heavily tied to these services there will be no trouble with functionality.

    2) No major problems with most other sites with the advent of HTML5 compatibility. I am having a hard time finding a site that *I* use on a daily basis that won't function properly on the Chromebook.

    3) Working with non-Google files formats is sometimes frustrating. The PDF viewer is not great (slow) and converting Gdoc files to Word format sometimes results in major formatting issues.

    For *my* use case the Chromebook has proven a great device. The hardware is solid and it has an excellent keyboard (big deal for me personally). If you are heavily tied to Google's services I would give a thumbs-up on giving it a try. Good news is that it is not a huge investment.
    02-06-2013 10:29 AM
  4. ibbyj's Avatar
    I went ahead an bought one. It's waiting at best buy for me to pick up... I probably should have bought though amazon... cheaper with one day shipping.. haha but, I'm an instant satisfaction kind of guy.

    If it doesn't work for me, I'll return it.

    I have tethering on my Nexus, and I have wifi both at work and home.
    02-06-2013 10:50 AM
  5. ibbyj's Avatar

    I picked it up on my lunch. "Set-up" could not have been any easier. All I had to do was..... Log-in to Google. -Done!

    All of my music, documents, books... all right there.
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    02-06-2013 02:38 PM

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