1. mazzmoney95's Avatar
    Hey guys I was just wondering if and when we might see a Samsung Chromebook refresh. I want to buy one pretty bad (don't know why, maybe it's my urge to try it out) but I don't want to get one and have a refresh of it at like Google I/O or something. So what do you guys think the odds of it getting a refresh are? How soon? And is the current one good enough (as in is the processor, screen, battery life and RAM good enough) for what a Chromebook is used for? Just a couple of questions before I set my mind upon buying it. Any answers would be greatly appreciated and thanks again.
    02-22-2013 10:21 PM
  2. rutkind's Avatar
    I am in the same boat. Starting to need a new laptop and wanting to make the full jump into Google (Android and Chrome) but don't want to pick one up now only to have a new one released soon after. I love the Chromebook Pixel but at that price point it is not in the running.
    02-25-2013 06:51 PM
  3. g8rzz187's Avatar
    I was wondered about that, too. As I type this on the Chromebook, I'm good either way. If a more advanced version does come out, I'll pass this one along to someone in the family. If not, I'll keep enjoying this one. This little gem is everything I had hoped the Bionic Lapdock would be. After 2 lapdocks and 3 tablets, found the "perfect" compliment to the smartphone.
    03-08-2013 12:21 AM
  4. Tsaan's Avatar
    You know, I had the same thought as you. The best time to upgrade is now. There's always going to be something around the corner. I'm sure there will be multiple manufacturers refreshing all year long.

    I ordered one last night on newegg for $20 off. And if in 15 weeks I/O announces a new chromebook, which will probably go on sale 4 weeks after that, and if my chrome book can no longer cut web browsing for 6-7 hours battery, then yeah I might sell it for $100 and upgrade.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2
    03-13-2013 01:49 AM
  5. Algus's Avatar
    It has been out for awhile now and Acer just updated the C7 so its probably getting close.

    The only thing that could get me to bite though is a better screen. Besides the dreadful screen, the 3 has pretty much everything covered. Unless you need a ton of tabs, the machine is pretty snappy. The local memory limitation is a non issue for me since I can just put a card in if I need extra media offline. I understand wanting to hold out though, get the best value for your money and all.

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    03-18-2013 09:12 AM

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