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    what should I do with it??

    • I would like to do WiFi tethering on it as my company will not let me install the USB Drivers for the phone on my laptop and I would like to be able to tether it and not spend loads of dosh on pay wireless hotspots.
    • Are there any custom ROMS for it?
    • What changes should I make if there is no ROM to speed it up or remove the Sprint bloatware?
    • I am picking up an SD card 16GB and will install App2SD.
    • Is there a newer version of Android that can be installed on this device?
    • Any good apps that I must have?

    That is all for now, thanks for any help!


    01-31-2012 08:47 PM
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    You can remove the bloatware with titanium backup that's how I did it there are no roms for it at the moment ....there is a recovery found on rootzwiki....


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    02-02-2012 12:33 PM
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    Thanks, I will look into that, not sure what it does but if it can clean out some of the crap that will be really nice!

    It is amazing what the phone companies can pile into a phone!

    Edit: Did you use Titanium Backup Pro? I see a Freeze function which might work instead of deleting a file that oh crap I needed!
    02-03-2012 10:37 PM
  4. Thabyrdman's Avatar
    Nope I use the free version ....This is the second phone I've rooted ....I kinda know what not to uninstall ....freezeing only stops the permissions from being granted I believe....The apps or programs or apks will still be there....if you don't feel comfortable unistalling then I would freeze until someone develops a rom for it ...Which will have all bloatware and all unneeded files removed

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    02-04-2012 12:59 PM