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    Quick Question:

    During last year, 2021 my Samsung Note9 stoped working.
    In my DEX STATION.

    This was a bit frustrating, because my old Note9 is supposed to be a 100% headless device.
    Screen is almost all broken.
    But I think a stupid android or random software update messed this up?

    I havent figured this out yet, but now realised that maybe its the charger?
    The dex station claims it should be a 12volt input.

    No one of my charger really does that job.
    And when searching online, there are some suggestions that only the samsung-approved charger
    with 12V (2.1 A ) are suitable.

    (This charger is discontinued. But was mostly to samsung TABS , it should be at least 15W)

    Since ~late 2018 I got the Note 9.
    After 3 years, in 2021 it unfourtantly fell to the ground.

    Causing a crack/broken glass screen.
    And a couple of dead (blob) areas on the left-tile.
    Still it worked, and accepted touch input.

    But, because of the huge cost to repair it I just did a work around:

    I got the DEX station.
    And knew that this phone has to be transformed to a 100% headless device.
    So I used it every since as a dedicated desktop device.
    Disabled all the security and logins, so it always was possible to boot it.
    And it would do a full system logon and not need biometrics, or such crap.

    (Because many times, the screen was complete dead and black when booting it.
    You could hear the haptic feedback of pressing the pincode...not knowing whats pressed)

    But as mentioned, it just stoped working last year 2021.
    In very rare oacations the NOTE9 allowed me to use it and navigate with the screen all fine.
    But what I remember, even the "DEX" app or so called launcher was changed by software.

    It did not launch at all.
    Instead it seems to be reset or updated.
    Not responding to the docking in the station

    And when opening the "DEX" settings, deep inside the settings.
    It looked like a "welcome setup" only allowing a new initiation choosing from
    1 hdmi
    2 wireless
    3 bla bla cable?

    When I put the Note9 and docking it to the DEX.
    The main problem is main screen is broken and messed up...
    For a split second there is a chance to try to read and see whats happening.

    It loops some popup like "hdmi connected" every seconds.
    So clearly it dont manage to connect.
    And the external monitor dont get signal.

    Input from Keyboard-Mouse dont work at all.

    Maybe I should try to connect the ETHERNET cable and see if it evens shows up as a NIC?
    09-28-2022 03:17 PM

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