1. twilightmx's Avatar
    I received my Dex Pad for my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus early. After trying it out I have found some issues that I will try to explain here:

    - When I connect the Dex Pad to my projector or my older TV, there is no way to size the screen, it reverts you to your TV or Monitor settings, so I couldn’t make the screen fit any of them correctly.

    - When I connect a keyboard or mouse, the touch pad on the phone’s screen is disabled, so if you only have a keyboard and wanted to use the touch pad on the phone screen as the mouse, you are out of luck.

    - All keyboard shortcuts need the META key (Windows, MacOs or any other system) neither my Motorola Bluetooth nor my Mac Bluetooth keyboard has any META key so that makes the shortcuts useless for me.

    - Ethernet port is gone, the old version had it, so you might want to get a USB to Ethernet adapter.

    - Couldn’t connect the phone to the Dex Pad without removing the case cover, I have the Samsung Rugged Protective Cover, you might think Samsung made their devices compatible with their accessories, well wrong in this case, might need a USB C extension, not sure if the Dex Pad would work with it.

    - TeamViewer doesn’t work, I wanted to connect to my MacBook Pro to use some apps but it’s not compatible. There are some apps that might work with PC but none for MacOS, as far as I know, let me know if you find one.

    - Phone screen keyboard is still not available after release, so make sure you have an external keyboard or like to use the touchpad to click on each letter on the keyboard that appears on the screen if you want to, you need to configure it for it to appear.

    - Also fast charge has to be configured, but when I click on it disconnects from Dex environment.

    - Make sure you save all your work before disconnecting or you will lose any work you haven’t saved.

    - Screen mirroring is also an option but you can’t get the Dex screen when mirroring.

    - I was able to connect an external USB hub to connect multiple devices, just know that USB on the Dex Pad is USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0.

    - Dex Pad comes with 4K UHD HDMI cable, USB C cable and Fast Charging adapter.

    - Also my micro USB - USB C adapter didn't work to power up the DexPad, even though it was connected to the fast charging adapter included, when I needed the longer cable tried to use it but didn't work, even though connected directly to phone it fast charges it

    - Perhaps you might need longer USB C cable and HDMI, the ones included are very short, and because we need them to connect sometimes to a TV or projector we need longer cables.
    05-03-2018 12:45 PM
  2. tonylmiller's Avatar
    TeamViewer works great for me on my GS9 and cheapo USB hub (not Samsung DeX). The phone goes into DeX mode and I can use TeamViewer full screen. Kind of weird how the mouse works, though. Same way that it works on the phone screen.

    I can't get the screen to size properly for my HDTV. I just live with it. It is not too far off. I just run my apps in a window and size the window to fit the screen.
    05-22-2018 01:25 PM

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