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    I am new to DeX and think it is a great concept. I went with the multi-port adapter and have been impressed in general while at the same time experiencing some difficulties.

    I am hoping to use DeX more as a travel/vacation platform than as a business user. I can see that there would be situations in business where one might go to a satellite office and tap into a setup with monitor,keyboard and mouse .. same if you were using it at home (which I have been and works fine) .. but for me I want to get to a travel setup that requires as little hardware as possible .. phone, adapter, short wires, small BT mouse and leave the keyboard home ... problem is the onscreen keyboard is tiny .. it is the same size as the keyboard on a screen mirror .. going thru settings (including DeX settings ) I cannot find any keyboard resize available .. I found DeX labs and with it forced resize of Netflix and some other apps no problem but no help for resize of keyboard. Samsung support only offered that I abandon the multi port adapter in favor of the DeX cord.

    Does anyone know any way to resize the onscreen keyboard using the multi-port adapter or does anyone know of any alternative way to have a larger onscreen keyboard or any other idea for minimal input approach? I tried a half dozen keyboard apps from play store and all do not operate in DeX mode. Samsung store does not carry a DeX keyboard app.

    - Brian
    05-07-2019 12:51 AM

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