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    It seems as though Dex is not able to disable the screen timeout on my Note 10 when it is in the docking station since the Android 10 upgrade. When the screen on the phone goes black after 5 minutes, it stops taking keyboard and mouse input from my external keyboard. I must unlock my phone's screen every 5 minutes to continue. It is annoying. I image that Dex does an API call to the OS on startup to keep the screen unlocked, similar to how video apps do this so your videos/movies don't go black every 5 minutes, but Dex is no longer able to perform this function.

    I may have found a work-around. Going to turn on the feature to use the screen of my phone as a "touch screen". Perhaps the code in this feature can turn off the phone's screen time out.

    Would be nice if Dex would turn off the screen time out like it did before Android 10.
    01-08-2020 10:21 AM
  2. JoeInCT's Avatar
    The work around of enabling the phone's touch screen function does not work. The phone's screen still goes dark after the timeout period and all input from my keybord and mouse are disabled.

    It occured to me that my keyboard and mouse are configured (linked) to the Samsung the docking station (rather bluetoothed directly to the phone's OS) and Android 10 may not see active screen use. I could link my keyboard and mouse directly to the phone's bluetooth (rather than to the docking station) to see if the screen stops blacking out.

    Regardless, I'm not liking Android 10 and this problem.
    01-08-2020 10:52 AM

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