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    So I've got on contract a Samsung A3 2016 for my daughter for Christmas and having a few issues setting it up. My Honor 8, when setting up on first time install located all the apps to update that were preloaded and found the new Honor update. I thought the Samsung would do the same but when I went to the play store it didn't find any updates so I had to manually search all the preloaded apps and press update manually on each one?? What's more weird is the Samsung website says it's Marshmallow and so does the Three website but when I manually search for a system update it keeps telling me it's already updated to the latest Android OS which is 5.1.1?

    How can I force it to Marshmallow please?

    This is the second phone from Three, the first arrived last week but it arrived in a courier bag but out of the box as the security seal was broken so I rejected it and they sent this one to me that's not been tampered with.
    12-19-2016 06:27 PM

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