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    So I've had this problem for a few weeks, pretty much since it was possible to switch grid sizes i think.
    I like to keep my phone on the 4x4 because that's what looks best to me and what I'm used to (I do not take well to change at all), but recently my phone has started to randomly switch to the 5x5 grid causing all my apps to move and not be in the same place etc etc. It does this almost every time I do a restart but also sometimes for what seems like no reason.
    Is there any way to stop this from happening? I tried changing my apps so they were in the same place in the 5x5 grid but they're too small and I didn't like it at all so I had to switch back.

    I have the Galaxy A3 (2016) version 6.0.1 and the latest software update available.
    04-03-2017 01:10 PM

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