1. quody's Avatar
    Just bought Galaxy A3 (2017), this is my first samsung phone. I found the home button is a physical button. My previous smartphone all are having home button on the screen. So in this galaxy A3, I have to press the physical home button instead of tapping like in my previous phone. I personally prefer tapping than pressing the button. Unfortunately there is no option in the phone to change this behavior.

    I found there is app in playstore called easyHome - Fingerprint Actions that able to change the behavior. Unfortunately the app sometimes doesn't work, it's often that I tapped once it works, then tapped again it doesn't work. Probably it's because galaxy A3 is not listed in the supported phones so it doesn't work well.

    I wonder if anyone know same kind of app that works better ?

    The other workaround that I know is by enabling swiping up gesture to show the home screen with this app: Swipe Home Button. Although the app is working fine, but I still prefer if I can tap the home button instead.
    01-06-2018 01:02 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    One that I use (to turn the screen on when it's black) is Smart Screen On Off (set to use the proximity detector - a wave of my hand turns the screen on, another wave turns it off).

    But to go to the default screen with a phone with a physical button, you have to press the button.
    01-10-2018 03:43 PM

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