1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a very new Galaxy A5 and suddenly when I went to Settings > Sound > Volume to adjust the system sound volume, I hear nothing even when the slider bar is at the far right hand side.

    The other such as Notifications, Ring tone, etc all played the selected tune.

    How can I get the system sound back or where do I go to nominate what tune is for the System?

    06-04-2015 08:55 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I'm used to seeing the volume categories be for Media, Alarm, and Ringtone/Notification. Does the A5 replace one of them with System? If so, it's probably the same as Media. So the question is, does your phone play media sound normally (like from the Music app, or YouTube)?
    06-04-2015 11:30 AM
  3. RoverLOne's Avatar

    In the Volume setting panel, it is dividerd into Ringtone, "Music, video, games and other media", Notifications, and System section.

    This is pretty much the same number of sections as in my old Note 1 and S3 mini with small changes in wording. I am just wondering if there is no one single tune for System events and hence when sliding that bar is adjusted it does not play the tune like the other categories?

    I am wondering if any knowledgeable person can verify this? My suspicious seems to be confirmed by experiments.

    The volumes of "The lock (and unlock) screen" sound and the alert sound when one plugs in the USB charging cable from a switched on charges are controlled by the System Volume slider bar. They are distinct tunes and hence my suspicious that the slider bar of System volume does not play any tune when adjusted is because there is no one single system tune appears to hold truth.

    What do you think?

    06-04-2015 07:41 PM

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