1. OrangeBerry02's Avatar
    I am an ex-Windows Phone user so forgive my ignorance of the wonders of Android/Samsung!

    Completed first task of getting my 600+ contacts into the phone and now I want them sorted by surname/family name. Go into Contacts and More and Settings and ... there is no option to sort as I want. I can't believe Android and/or Samsung are so primitive as to not offer me the option I want so I know I have missed something somewhere!

    Grateful for any help. The phone is an A5 (2016).
    04-01-2016 07:21 AM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    I don't know what the default Contacts app is on your Samsung A5, but the Google Contacts app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...droid.contacts) allows you to sort by "Last name" or "First name".

    Of course, that doesn't help if you want to sort by company name...
    04-01-2016 07:40 AM
  3. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Oops! Never mind.

    Contacts is currently only supported on Nexus, Android One, and Google Play Edition devices running Android Marshmallow and above.
    04-01-2016 07:45 AM
  4. OrangeBerry02's Avatar
    ... nevertheless, thanks for trying to help!

    Edit: And more than 100 people have looked at this thread and offered no help so I guess Samsung/Android won't let me order my contacts as I wish ... wow!!!
    04-01-2016 07:56 AM

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