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    when i downloaded seb baltic firmware issues on the phone , first when booting up after reset language is nyderland but no english i not found firmware where can be first language after reset english. and this firmware is same name : letters same in the end i paste file name A510FXXS7CRJ6_A510FOXX7CRJ6_A510FXXU7CRJ6 ( see J6 is same everywhere) when i put in odin pda for example A510FXXS5CRD1_A510FOXX5CRC1_A510FXXU5CRA3_HOME.tar .md5 FAILED, csc or csm. i dont remeber and dont flashed. why had same J6.J6,J6???
    please give me a link firmware, i pissed off i cant find , and now on this firmware when battery reached 100% screen woke up and says battery full charged, on another which before flashing new firmware not happen, and on every a5 20116 official nougat update not light up screen when reach 100percent. on this firmware i cant log in Galaxy Apps, because says Unable connect. And when reached up 90 percent battery full charged in 3minutes without fast charge adapter , i used simple micro usb 2.0. why in this firmware fast charging 90 to 100?? i downloading now two firmware i see file name : baseband version same J6 and build number J6 baseband A510FXXS7CRJ6 , and buil number is A510FXXU7CRJ6 , but different number is A510FXEU7CRJ1 what mean? it flashes odin or FAIL?? I TIRED now post on the same line A510FXXS7CRJ6_A510FXEU7CRJ1_A510FXXU7CRJ6 ( , i wasted too many time. i downloaded 3 firmwares and 3 not flashed, because not same letters as I mentioned (j6,j6,j6) in the phone i see baseband version A510FXXS7CRJ6 and build number A510FXXU7CRJ6. so it not fail while flashes in odin?
    11-15-2018 07:37 AM
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    You have to download the firmware for your model of the A5 - you can't use firmware for another model. Without knowing the model of the phone, we can't tell you which firmware to use.

    If you look at https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/...2016/SM-A510F/, you;ll see what the different baseband and CSC pairs are for - for the SM-A510F. (If you have a different model, you'll have to start at https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/, pick your model and go from there.)
    11-15-2018 12:29 PM
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    i downloaded two firmwares seb baltic, one firmware has pop up on homescreen and battery issues , i cant disable samsung pay on the bottom screen its anoying i dont open app samsung pay.. and another firmware is baltic too seb, so problem the ssme samsung pay shows ads on home screen bottom. and snaphat on two firmwares freeze, i dont know why, i tried explain open snapchat and i see snapchat yellow when started up, and its freeze i have close program from recent panel, and try again. works. but sometimes in snapchat in recent snaps loading see and freeze too, WTF FIRMWARES??? and the battery big problem, on old software before reflash new firmware battery is good charging from 90 percent to 100 in about 15-20-25 minutes fast charge cable and no fast charge cable is good. but on new software doesnt matter which cable using fast or micro from 90 percent to 100 take full charge 3minutes.... WTF ((( I HATE SOFTWARE THOSE.... i dont have old software and i dont know which real software i had, because i dont know when i reflash software in time....... and on two softwares screen wake up when full charged, in software which i Had on my mobile when i buy, doesnt light up screen when full charged battery. there is no software download seb without bloatware apps and system not working correct.... i pissed off.
    11-16-2018 04:43 AM
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    I merged your duplicate threads. Please consider registering on this forum so that you can continue the discussion thread you created: https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...community.html
    11-16-2018 10:24 AM
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    Sorry, but I'm not a good resource for this kind of thing, since I've never tried to flash a different firmware on a Samsung phone. I know about the general process, but the details escape me. You should always be able to uninstall bloatware if you root the phone, but you have to be careful, in case the app turns out to be important for something else to work properly. If you do go down that road, then make sure you back things up first before you start deleting apps.
    11-16-2018 05:37 PM
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    All I can say about that is that it's always a good idea to use the firmware that's designed for your exact variant. If you flash a different firmware, it's hard to know if there'll be some subtle difference (like the charging time you refer to).
    11-17-2018 01:06 PM

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