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    I've installed CWM, after wiping cache and the other thing, also have rooted it apparently. My phone when in recovery mode never had the option to update from SD card, but I found a forum that told me to rename the files to update.zip because my phone had that option. Apparently this is called Hard Bricked and it is buggered. Any help? I can have it freeze on either the samsung screen while normal rebooting or recovery mode booting, or it will freeze on RAMDUmp mode, that seems to be all I can do to it now...
    Before I tried to do anything to it this was what was in the about phone stats: I have a GTS-5830 Android Version 2.2.1, Baseband Version S5830XXKB1, Kernel version*op #2, Build Number FROYO.ZSKC2, I don't have the options to install from SDCard, to root my phone I had to rename the zip file to update.zip.

    CWM did install and load up, but I tried to load a custom ROM for Jellybean and now I have the stuck screen
    07-23-2013 06:34 PM
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    Is not a good idea to rename files.

    *Try boot your phone in recovery mode and perform a factory reset + clean the partition.
    -Test if that fixed the problem...

    If that didn't worked?
    *Try boot your phone in to download mode.
    If you are able to boot your device into download mode?

    -Next search for your original firmware in "Samsung updates" or "Sammobile" and download it to your pc and use "Odin" to flash the original firmware back into your device.

    (Hard Brick = you are unable to boot your device into "download mode" or "recovery mode" )

    (Soft Brick= you will be able to recover your device again).

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    07-24-2013 08:58 AM

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